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Post  Rochel on Wed Jul 23 2008, 20:45

Bladedancers are warriors with (mostly) offensive group buffs (dances). They use heavy armor and dual swords.

All dances are gained only once and never get stronger. Many dances stack with ordinary buffs, thats why everyone loves to have a Bladedancer (and/or Swordsinger) in the party, even if they themselves are not exactly the toughest warriors. Dances (and songs) only last 2 minutes, so you have dance again very often when playing this class.

EquipmentOn c-grade, full plate set would be optimal as the other heavy sets offer no bonus that is worth the lesser pdef. On b-grade, blue wolf heavy is the set of choice - and it looks damned good on darkelves, too, especially with dual samurai longsword. On a-grade like always one has a broad selection of good options; Tallum is probably the best one.

Dual Swords up to b-grade can be made with materials from the shop (and crystals or later a dual craft stamp). The real problem is then however to get an a-grade dual sword, because for that you have to get TWO swords (can be Keshanberk and Damascus). And while you can safetly keep other weapons at +3 and give them a crystal for the SA, with dual swords you have to overenchant to +4 (and you have no choice which SA you will get).

Bladedancers need the following spellbooks: Level 40: Hex.

Bladedancers are quite okayish soloplayers, but why go solo him if parties are so much more effective and Bladedancers are usually very welcome in them.

Bladedancers are a special class that combines group buffs with considerable offensive fighting power. On itself the class is already not that bad, but their real power only appears in groups, because many dances stack with effects from normal buffers. Additionally, they have a number of debuffs against opponents like Hex etc.

Bladedancers specialize into the use of dual swords. They can only use heavy armor effectively.

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