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Post  Rochel on Wed Jul 23 2008, 20:52

Treasure Hunter is the offensive melee warrior (damage dealer) of the humans. They wear light armor and wield daggers.

They have relatively bad defenses, but deal high damage, especially through their high number of criticals which also deal very much additional damage. They are seen as the best dagger user in respect to pure damage output, because they gets both Critical Chance like the Plainswalker and Critical Power like the Abyss Walker, additionally the passive ability Boost Attack Speed and the special skill Dash. All these skills make up for their lack in the stats especially when compared to the Abyss Walker.

The TH get all the good skills to deal damage, which makes more than up for the much lower Dexterity compared to the elvish races.

The best equipment for the Treasure Hunter is of course always the best dagger and the damage dealer light armor of the grade. For c-grade this would be the Crystal Dagger with SA Critical Damage and the Plated Leather Armor set if one wants maximum damage, while the Theca Leather Set would give better defenses; a third good choice is the Drake Leather set which gives almost as much P.Def as Theca, but also a bonus on M.Def. For b-grade the best equipment would be the Demon Sword with one of the two remaining SAs (unless you are so uber lucky to get your hands on one with SA Might Mortal) or Kris with SA Focus, combined with the Doom Light Set (which, thanks to the Dex Bonus, is a LOT better than all other armors on b-grade). For a-grade this would be the Soul Separator with SA Critical Damage or a Bloody Orchid with Focus, and the Dark Crystal Light Set or the Nightmare Set (the later gives a bit of healing through own damage, ideal for soloplay, and a +1 to Dex, not really the uber bonus but better than nothing).

Because they benefit so greatly from criticals, one will want to give the TH the maximum possible boost of +5 through dyes, probably preferably at cost of constitution. Damage junkies will also boost their strength. It is however advisable to wait with lowering the constitution score until one has a b-grade weapon, at least as long as one wants to also use shots, as treasure hunters need more shots than the average warrior.

Dagger users are damage dealers with good offense but bad defense. Damage dealers are usually much better in parties. But as the TH is however a very fast selfhealer (decent human constitution score, Vital Force, Relax), their downtime is quite bearable. Additionally, they have a lot of skills which allows them to enter everywhere and seek the best farming points.

The best skills to use depend very much on the situation, even if Accuracy is so cheap and has such a strong effect that one keeps it up all the time. Vicious Stance gets better and better with higher levels, as one gets more criticals, but consumes a lot of mp and should always be disabled again after a fight.

In a party, the dagger user is probably best of with a Warcryer as they have all the best buffs (Vampiric Rage, Haste, Focus). Second best would be a Shillien Elder (Vampiric Rage, Focus, Death Whisper) combined with a greater Haste potion (if you have access to them); the later can also heal and recharge Mana and would make a good two people combo. A prophet would maximize damage (Haste, Focus, Death Whisper, Berserker Spirit), but not offer that much healing (level 35 Battle Heal).

Of course, the ideal combo would be something like Prophet, Bladedancer and Shillien Elder for buffs, a tanker class to attract the attacks, and various other damage dealers, best combined with a Bounty Hunter for better drops.

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