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Post  Rochel on Wed Jul 23 2008, 20:59

Prophet are the specialized buffers in the game. They can use all weapons and all armor (even heavy).

As they need so much Mana for buffing larger parties, and benefit so much from casting time speedups when doing the buffing, robes are actually very popular for Prophets.

Most prophets seem to prefer dual swords to deal a little damage while not buffing.

Prophets may also prefer a bow, where their skill Dryad root, as well as multiple archer-improving buffs (Guidance, Death Whisper, etc.) can give them an advantage in soloing. They also gain from a vastly larger pool of MP, compared to other archer classes. Soloing with a prophet can also be very fruitful. As the extra MP is not needed, the skills Heavy Armor Mastery and Light Armor Mastery can be put to use for much greater P. Def than a robe. The only differences between the two are MP regeneration and price of armor (heavy armor tends to be a bit more expensive). Prophets can be very dangerous solo characters when used this way.

As the prophet can buff so well plus can wear heavy armor, he is also the cleric who is best prepared to be played solo. At the same time, probably no other class gets a party as easily.

Prophets should not be considered healers by occupation by any means. Though prophets do have healing skills from their roots in the cleric class, the extent to which they improve healing skills is dramatically lower than elders and bishops, so prophets cannot act as a healer in a party. Their only real ability to contribute to a party is through buffing.

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